How to Play

The main objective in a casino slot machines is to hit the right sequence of symbols spinning on the reels and earn money. There are two simple steps involved in playing the game:

  • You should place a bet amount and put the coins into the machine.
  • You should start the rolling of the reels by pressing a button and then wait for the payline to hit the winning combination.

Components of a Slot Machine

A Slot Machine is composed of 3 main parts:

Reels:Reels are the component of a casino slot machine which contains the symbols. Different machines may have different number of reels. It may vary from 3 to even 9 in one game. In a game, the reels are made to spin until all the reels stop to display a sequence of symbols. The result is determined by comparing the order of symbols displayed on the reels with the predefined order on pay table.

Paylines:The paylines are the slot lines that actually decide the winner. The number of paylines may also vary from one game to other. In a machine having more than one payline (multi-payline slots), you can bet on any number of lines. This would increase your bet amount but at the same time it would enhance your winning chances as well. Moreover, you will be paid for every winning payline. The rules to play on casino slot machines having multiple paylines are advanced than the ones having only one payline but that adds more excitement to the game.

Pay Table: The pay table is generally a rules book that indicates different combinations by which you can win money. For instance, a generic rule on pay table may indicate that you can win 100 times the bet amount if you happen to strike 3 hearts in a payline.


There are certain rules defined for placing a bet on casino slots. Coins must be used for betting in a game. The minimum amount of bet may vary from one slot to another but generally it is set to 0.1$. The increment in the bet amount is also set to 0.1$ allowing the player to place bets like 0.1$, 0.2$ etc. The maximum amount that can be bet on one game also varies between 5$ in most of the games to 120$ in large stake games. The number of coins that be used for betting in each spin can also vary from 3 to more.

Rolling of Reels

A casino slot machine is provided with a button to start the reels rolling. After pressing the button, the reels keep on spinning until they cease to do it further and display the symbols. The order of symbols displayed is compared with the pay table rules and winning payline is determined.

Casino Slot Rules

Wild Card Symbols: Some games include a concept of wild cards. According to the rules, any one symbol could be used as a wild card to complete the winning order of symbols displayed on a payline. For instance, a wild card symbol along with 2 heart symbols makes it a winning sequence.

Scattered Pay: One of the rules mentions about reaching a winning permutation without even hitting the symbols in a single payline. For instance, in cases where all four access happen to be displayed on different areas of the reels then according to the rule, scattered pay will fetch you a bonus chance to spin the reel without any expense.

Buttons on Slot Game

Bet Max: This factor is governed by the rules of online casinos. It indicates the higher limit of coins being used to bet on the payline.

All Line:This option indicates a bet being placed on all the available paylines.

Bet per line:This option is used to indicate the bet amount on each payline.

Hold:This option is used to indicate a reel being set to one symbol. This option is available on games having 2 spins where the person has a choice to hold the reels in the second spin.

Slot Categories

Progressive Slots: These types of slot games have a jackpot which keeps on accumulating as the number of players and spins increases. Once you have placed the largest bet utilizing all your coins, then you get eligible for the jackpot.

Non Progressive Slots: These types of slot games do not have an accumulating jackpot which increases the chances of winning. Non progressive slots have been present prior to the progressive games but recently seem to have lost the popularity among the gamers.

However, the rules in both the slot types are similar so you would equally enjoy the game while playing on any of the slot machines.