Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have recently gained more popularity in the world of casinos slots online though they seem to be pretty new. Compared to other games, they tend to attract more and more people. One of the major reasons behind this could be the simplicity of such slot machines and huge amounts of jackpots. Progressive slots are one of the few games that offer big jackpots that can even turn around your living.

How does Progressive Slots work?

Though these kinds of games may appear similar to regular slot games but they operate differently. The machine on which the game is played is included in a network of machines where all machines are connected together. This number would represent the number of players who can be connected to one game from any online casino around the world. This number would generally vary in some hundreds. The jackpot money gets accumulated as the game progresses. A small part of the money gambled on these slot machines is parted into the jackpot and with the game progression; the jackpot keeps on growing bigger. Since the money that gets into the jackpot prize is taken away from regular slot games, the payout from regular slot games is less when compared to other games which are non-progressive. On the contrary, it offers you a chance to win a huge amount in the form of progressive jackpot which can literally bring a change in your life.

But it also has a drawback. You won't be eligible to win the jackpot until you contribute to it to the maximum. Initially, you would be playing the regular games and would be able to win only lower payouts thereby contributing to the jackpot. You only hold a chance to win the jackpot once you play up to the last coin.

Choose your Progressive Slot Machine

Now that you have gained insight about progressive slot games and machines, you should be careful while selecting which machine to play on. Since you will be gambling all your coins, it should be worth playing on the selected machine. There are particularly three providers for online progressive slots which are considered to be the best namely Microgaming, Vegas Technology and Playtech.


As far as online gaming is concerned, Microgaming is considered as one of the innovating leaders especially when it comes to progressive slot machines. It offers 15 types of progressive slot games and choosing one out of them is a tough task as each one of them is best in quality. Major Millions having three paylines and three reels, Lotsaloot having five paylines and three reels and Cash Splash having one payline and three reels are some of the popular games offered by Microgaming. The slot games offered by Microgaming offer a good variety of denominations and coins with spins ranging from a dollar to a number of dollars.


The progressive slot games offered by Playtech are also amazing making it difficult for the player to choose any one of them. However, if forced to, one would choose Cinerama having five paylines where you can win a jackpot worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. But what makes it more appealing is the maximum play amount which is low up to 25 cents thus making it the least expensive of all the available online progressive slot games.

Vegas Technology

There are basically five progressive slot games offered by Vegas Technology all of which are having three reels and one payline. They are Pay Dirt, Win, Place or Show, Red White and Win, Treasure Trail and Mega Money Mine. Win, Place or Show is the most exciting of all. It is based on a theme of racing horses allowing a maximum play of 3 coins, a bet of 50 cents and offering a huge jackpot up to 30000 dollars.