Slots Variations

There is only one easy and simple rule to play slots online or offline though there are a number of existing designs . All you have to do is pull the knob after putting money into the available slots. Basically the slot machines are of two kinds: Straight Slots and Progressive Slots.

Straight Slots

This type of slot machine game has a recorded schedule which goes in coordination with the amount paid for every successful combination. For instance, for every single coin you put in, you can earn two if you score 1 cherry, five if you score 2 cherries and 10 coins if you score 3 cherries. Straight slots are further classified into four categories based on the schedule of payout.

Multiplier: Payout is simply multiplied by the number of coins placed. For instance, on scoring 3 cherries if you earn 5 coins on playing one, then the consecutive coin should fetch you 10 coins and similarly 15 for the third coin.

Bonus Multiplier:This machine also works on simple multiplication except that you can also earn a bonus when you invest more coins. For instance, when you play extra coins, the two coin machine can double your winning amount and three coin machine can triple your winning amount.

Multiple Payline Slot:This machine has a direct relation with the number of coins placed. More coins will mean more lines on the machine paying. For instance, one coin would only turn the center line. So, if you happen to get a successful combination on a line which is not turned on, you will not earn anything. The second coin would pay for the peak line, third for the last line and fourth and fifth for the diagonals.

Buy a Pay Slot:These machines provide all the information required and can be accessed through the help button. Every coin that you would play with on this machine would help you climb the ladder to the jackpot. The more number of coins you would play, the more you would win on this machine.

Progressive Slots

Another type of slot machine games are known as progressive slots. These machines increase the value of the coin every consecutive time it is played and it wins. The value gets multiplied by the number of times it is being played. After you hit the jackpot, the value returns to the original number.

These machines have a standard schedule for payout, the maximum being the jackpot that is scheduled at the peak of the machine.