Multi-payline Slots

Multi payline slots have been gaining more and more popularity. They seem to be appealing and tend to attract more and more people not just because of the superb animation and splendid graphics involved but also because they provide a wide range of opportunities to win and options to bet.

There are number of options available for such multipurpose casino slots machines and this article would help you know about them.

About Payline

Symbols are positioned on reels in a specific order. Payline defines this sequence of symbols. The payline on which you bet is referred as Active Payline. You can bet on more than one payline and the chosen paylines will be tinted.

Working of a Payline

To operate a payline, all you have to do is pull the handle and the reels will start rolling. Simultaneously, the symbols will spin and get aligned on every payline. The position and order of symbols on the paylines on which betting has been done are compared with the winning combinations which are displayed on pay tables of the machine. If the winning combination is displayed on any active payline then you can redeem the corresponding prize.

Multi Payline Slots

If slot machine games contains two or more paylines then those machines are called as multi payline slots. You can bet on any number of paylines. If you happen to strike the winning combination only on any of the selected paylines then only you hold eligible to redeem the prize.

For instance, if you bet on 5 paylines out of 20 paylines available on a slot machine, then you need to pull the handle for all those paylines and start the spinning of the reels. Now you can only win if you manage to strike the winning combination on one of these 5 paylines. If the winning combination is displayed on a payline which has not been selected then you won't be eligible for the reward. So in order to increase your probability of winning, you should select as many paylines available on the slot machine.