Meet Slot Machine

The popularity of slot machines is increasing day by day. There are two main reasons behind this popularity, firstly players don't need any kind of skill to operate it and secondly approx 70% revenue of casinos is generated by slot machines.

History of slot machines

According to some source, the first slot machine games emerged in 1981 in New York. This machine featured 5 drums and fifty cards on it. Poker hands were only allowed to set the winning combination. Winners of the games were offered free drinks and cigarettes as prize. This game quickly gained popularity among the players. To lessen the winning possibility, 2 cards had been deducted from the set. In 1987, a new version of slot machines was evolved with a single lever at one side of it. Due to its design it was named "one-armed bandit". Modern day's casino slots machines are very much similar to these machines, though they do not have any mechanical elements.

How to operate slot machines

One has to activate slot machines before playing it. To activate it, you have either to put in coins or buy tickets. Different slot machines run on different mechanism. To turn it on you need to pull gear or push button or if the machines runs on touch screen mechanism, then you have to start playing by touching screen at appropriate place.

There are 3 or more reels on each machine. When a player turned on the slot machine, reels start rotating. If the figures in the reels match in a definite way then the player will win prize, otherwise he has to lose money. The pay chart reveals how much a player will be awarded for a definite combination of figures.

Pay chart can be either installed on slot machines itself or can be accessed by other means. This chart allows player to know for which combination they will be paid and the amount of reward. Approx. 80-98% of the amount is paid back to winner.

Among slot machines, video poker is gaining recognition as it is supported by poker hands. Another one is fruit machine where figures of fruits are applied. Today, different types of slot machines with different themes are available in casinos for entertaining casino players. A number of them come with movie theme and some integrated with social theme. Some are dedicated to men and some are female based.

To lure players, sometime casino houses select definite number of slot machines for progressive jackpots. The amount of jackpot increased with every spin made in these slot machines or if a player used the machine but didn't win. The amount of jackpot directly depends on the non-winning game. To make eligible for Jackpot, a player has to wage a certain amount per spin decided by these casino houses.

Bottom line

Real Money Slots Mobile are considered to be simplest casino games as to play it one don't need any skill. Slot machines are easy to operate. Using optimal tactics, one can fetch most out of it. Though player knows that over all game is depend on luck but it couldn't refrained those people playing mobile slot machines.