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The Web Sites are very available only for informational purposes. Parties except SlotGamez may supply services or products on the web Sites. Utilize of the web Sites as well as the web Site Materials and also any other content or material and that made available by the Sites is completely at your own matter. SlotGamez specifically disclaims any as well as all liability for or connected to the User products or services or Materials provided or advertised through these third parties and also the transactions you enter or conduct into through these third parties. As well, the Sites may occasionally contain connections to other Internet sites for the expediency of consumers in locating products, services or information that possibly of notice. SlotGamez specifically disclaims any as well as all liability for the content and the truthfulness of the information, also quality of services products provided by and also advertised through these third-party web sites.

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Every works of content, authorship, functional components, information as well as material appearing on, included in made available by the web Sites are confined by act, including without limitation to the United States copyright act. Except as openly stated on the web Sites, the whole of the web Site Materials also containing data, illustrations, audio, video, graphics, photographs, pictures, recordings, drawings, illustrations, images, text, forms, sketches, artwork, and look as well as feel attributes are patented works of SlotGamez's, all rights reserved. Also the patented works of SlotGamez's suppliers, affiliates or licensors. Also SlotGamez owns a patent in the web Sites as a group work and compilation, coordination, arrangement, and in the assortment, organization and improvement of the web Site Materials.

Connections with the web Sites

SlotGamez receive your suggestions and feedback about how to get better our products, services and information. Also the Sites containing without limitation the suggestions and feedback and all of the other data, material, information, or other content (in a group, "Submissions") to the web site SlotGamez. Some Submissions will be deemed consumer Materials in agreement with Section one of these Terms. Additionally, SlotGamez is at no cost to use any methods, ideas, concepts, know-how, techniques as well as processes included in all Submission for all purpose at all, Including, without limitation creating and marketing information, services or products using such data.

Privacy Statement

This site has a Privacy declaration starting SlotGamez's online data gathering as well as dissemination practices with esteem to the web Sites. If you want to see the Privacy Statement then click here which is included into these Terms through reference as if put forth fully herein.