Sinaia - Romanian city and Casino

Sinaia is one of the most famous Romanian mountain resorts, located in edifice of 19th century, near the Peles Castle (former residence of the Royal Family). Today it is the Casino International Conference Centre. Sinaia is situated at a distance of 80 miles from Bucharest & 31 miles from Brasov.

General facts

The origins of the name Sinaia come from the 17th century when one Romanian nobleman undertook a pilgrimage to Sinai and built a monastery. The Sinaia resort is also known as 'The Carpathian Pearl'. The reason of its fame refers to historical aspect - it used to serve as a residence for Romanian Royal family.

It is a history

Sinaia is not just the resort. It means much more - a history. This city was firstly officially documented near 1200. Due to its geographical position it quickly became one of the most important villages. There is an ancient orthodox church in city to visit as well as the Peles Castle, former property of Hohenzollern king, Carol I. There are lots of interesting things as amazing ancient wood carving and numerable paintings where the scenes from Wagner are depicted.

Sinaia Casino

One of the resort`s architectural symbols is Sinaia 'Casino' located in the north of 'Dimitrie Ghica' park. It was built amazingly fast from 1912 to 1913. The famous first Sinaia's villa of Romanian Prince Dimitrie Ghica . Baron Maray was Sinaia Casino stockholder and a shareholder of Monte Carlo Casino. That is why today`s debates are conducted around the fact that architecturally the building is pretty much the same as one in France.

Nowadays, containing reach history, beautiful architecture & renovations this valuable building serves as The International Conference Centre. It has 12 halls for different events, splendid garden, wonderful views, storage spaces and 2 car parks.