Slots Types

There has been a lot of advancement since the old times when slot machines were the only things that you could find in a bar or a mall. Slot machines can now be accessed online there by providing the people with full opportunity to exploit and use these machines to their own discretion. With the software used, these machines can be used to their full potential and can bring in lot of fun and diversity.

At times when you are getting bored and keen to do something special and unusual then checking out these machines would be a good option. You can easily access the machines which are available online. There are a variety of slots available such as video slots, reel slots, mobile slots and progressive slots. The ones mentioned below are the 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots.

3 Reel Slots

3 reel slots are known to be the classiest of all the available reel slots. A major reason behind this could be the similarity of 3 reel slots to the old and traditional machines. This also makes them the most popular among the different kinds of available slots. Perhaps, there is a lot of similarity in design too between the 3 reel slot machines available today both online as well as offline and the slot machines that used to exist in earlier times. However, you can still find a difference based on the way that is used for playing on these machines such as number of coins being used and payout lines. This can vary from one casino to another. It is often recommended for beginners to play on 3 reel slots as the number of coins being used is less that makes the game simpler to understand. Though 3 reel slots may not allow you to bet a huge sum of money but small bet means small amount of money being gambled. So, depending on bet amount if you happen to go for 3 reel slots then do get the information on payout lines and cash-outs before hand.

5 Reel Slots

5 reel slots are considered to be the next in the series of 3 reel slots. 3 reel slots are known to be good for beginners and when you have already had an experience of playing on them and look for more fun and excitement that is when 5 reel slots come into picture. 5 reel slots offer a bigger payout then the 3 reel slots. It offers more thrill and excitement and you will be attracted towards 5 reels spinning simultaneously. It works on the same fundamental logic of lining up more than two symbols having the largest value. This way you would manage to get the correct combination of pay line and win money as well. However, it might be difficult as the probability of getting 3 out of 5 symbols similar is very low. Every wheel would contain a number of different symbols and blank spaces and you could get any one of them. As the number of reels would increase, the risk factor would also increase and so would the payout and thrill. There are a lot of 5 reel slot machines that are of progressive slots type.