Video Slots

In online casino, maximum games are available under the category of Video slots. This category is very different from the usual category of classy slots. One of the major differences between them is of reel. Video slots contain 5 reels in comparison to 3 reels of classical shots. Other than this, there are some other differences that are explained below.

The number of pay lines in online video slots varies from 9 to 25 but some of them can go as far as 100 pay lines, therefore they are also known as multi pay line slots. Every pay line offers an option to bet. The numbers of pay lines can usually be seen vertically through the reels and pay line choice can be done by selecting the numbers. The player chooses three things, i.e. denomination of the coin, number of coins to bet and pay lines quantity. The total bet amount is the product of these three things. The winning combination is matched only with the chosen pay lines and the others do not hold any significance.

Procedure of winning combinations

Winning combinations are shown on the payout table. If these combinations match the sequence of symbols displayed on pay line selected by the player then he is declared the winner. There is a number listed in the payout table in front of each combination, which is known as the payout. Let us take an example of number 500 for a particular combination. In this case, for every coin played, the player can win 500 coins. Accordingly, the player can win 1500 coins if he plays 3 coins. If the denomination chosen by the player is $2 then according to the rule the player wins a reward of 3000$. For every pay line that shows the winning combination an autonomous payout will be received by the player.

Use of symbols

There are two types of symbols in video slots namely the multipliers and wild symbols. For making a winning combination wild symbol can replace any other symbol. However, restrictions are also there on their usage, and therefore a through knowledge of rules is essential for the players. If you want to increase the payouts offered then use of multipliers is specified in the rule book. The rules can vary from one game to another game and players have to check properly the rules for each game. Depending on the designation of the symbol, the bet amount will be automatically multiplied by that designation. For example, if the designation is set to twice the bet amount, then a bet amount of 500 coins would fetch you 1000 coins.

Other than winning combination there is another method also for making money in video slots. Combinations of some of the designated pay lines can make your way to bonus games. There are different screens available for bonus games rather than the usual ones. It is called as second screen. There are different formats of bonus game such as lotto, pick a box or some games based on skills. There are number of credits offered as prizes in the bonus games which ultimately add to the balance of the player. The player can also get a number of free spins through some pay line combinations. There is no need to place any bet for the spins as the pay outs will be made to the players that are based on the initial bet amount.